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August 04, 2008



Nice to get to know you better, the good and the bad! I love the "warm" elevator!! We want to go tour the mines, Sierrah isn't sure about it? I guess you wouldn't want to go with us!! :)
I know what you mean about our girls having a sister, I pray they have wonderful
sis-n-laws who are close to them.
I will get to work on my post!


Fun! Sorry, but I am laughing at your MRI experience! That would be horrible...glad you made it out OK. So I didn't know you and Lance met on the miss. My best friend and her husband met there too! It's nice to meet other "special spirits" out there!


I did it - but I didn't think I could be any more boring than I already am - until I did this meme. I am BORING!

Amy Varney

Too funny - you are so much more interesting than me. I love to read your posts and all the fun pics as well. Question? Are you volunteering as an aid at Augusta Ranch? They listed a Gina Harrop as an aid and I thought there's no way there's more than 1...it's for Porter's class :-)


u r da bomb baby!!!! I didn't know you served a mission...how cool is that? Thanks for doing this silly thing.

My hubby is really claustrophic as well...did you hear about the guy getting the MRI I think somewhere in Scottsdale and they locked up and went home for the night and left the poor man in the tube thingie...he dang near clawed the thing to death trying to free himself...SCARY!!! Sure do ♥ ya!!!! I am more and more impressed with you my friend!


I'm so behind on my blogging. How do I do this tagging thing? Don't tell Victoria I just asked that, she'd be totally disgusted. :) I love your blog and all the wonderful pictures. You are an amazing person.

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