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January 04, 2009


heather j

Wow, those are some GREAT sledding pics! Glad you have updated and made your way through your first semester of school. I think Rich is going back for his masters as well. He had his interview, just waiting to hear back. Your family is beautiful. I love all your pics!


OH MY STARS!!!! I'm so GLAD you are ALIVE!!!!! I was worried and sad....when I was counting/tallying you had 28 and then nada....broke my ♥ cuz you are one of my fav's........love the pic's of the kids...they are beautiful! Miss you soooooooo much! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


I love the pictures! Don't forget we need to schedule a senior pic day sometime this month or next or even the next. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments!
Keep in touch!


Happy New Year Gina! I'm glad you posted - I have missed seeing all of your great pictures.


Wow, amazing pictures as usual. Ashlyn is absolutely beautiful, and I love the "catching air" picture. Now I wan't to take my kids out of school and go to flagstaff.

I'm so glad that you are making through school, you are an inspiration.


Wow - those are some great photos! Where did you go in Flagstaff to sled?


You are so ambitious! Keep doing one thing after the other, and you're right, eventually it will all get done. That is how I survived the first year with the twins. One thing at a time. We sure miss you guys in the neighborhood, but are glad you aren't very far away. Hang in there!


WAY cute pictures Gina. I wish that I had just a little of your talent. The pictures of Ashlyn are so amazing. I love the black and white with her blue eyes! She is so lucky someday she will look back and be glad that her mom made her take a million photos! Love them!! Hope school is well and that you got some new professors this semester!! :)


Hi Gina! I of course LOVE your pics - you are so talented! I don't know how you do it, mom, awesome Aide, student, wife, church work etc.... I'm SO impressed. Tell Lance that Landon would love help on his "list" too :) Hope your week is wonderful!


just thinkin' about ya....wanted you to know ♥ ya

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